Moth Print Tea Towel - Made to Order

Moth Print Tea Towel - Made to Order


Made to order within 2 weeks

Printed using colorfast, non-toxic inks on soft, colorful, organic linen. Each tea towel is dyed by hand, then printed from a hand-pulled screen-print, using an original moth illustration.


Each piece is heat set with an iron to ensure they are colorfast. Pre-washed to achieve the perfect softness.

Color options are pictured, with the final photo showing more options, although pictured in other prints, I will recreate them with the moth print.


Organic linen
Printed with non-toxic inks
Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, or line dry
Approx. 18" x 29"


Please choose the color combo you would like from the options shown. I can also work with you to create a custom color if you would like!

Dyes and screen-printing inks are mixed in small batches so colors may vary slightly from the images shown.

Made to order within 2 weeks.

❍ Why organic?

Just like organic foods, organic fabrics and fibers lessen our environmental impact. It also means no scary pesticides in your fabrics! 

Linen is grown from flax, which naturally requires significantly less water to grow than other plants used in cloth making. That's pretty awesome!

❍ etc.

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