Pastel Plates - 3 Sizes

Pastel Plates - 3 Sizes

from 21.00

Made to order in 4-6 weeks

Ranging from snack to dinner size, available in all pastel colors shown so you can mix and match a set or choose your favorite color palette.

Snack size is perfect for cheese and crackers, small side plates or even as a plant saucer. Lunch can hold a sandwich and chips, but isn’t constrained to midday and works just as well for pancake breakfasts. Dinner holds a little more for when you’re feeling fancy or to unwind at the end of the day.

Available in 4 different pastel colors: wisteria, mint, rose quartz, and icy blue

Food/Microwave/Dishwasher Safe

Note: The apricot glaze color shown has changed; currently working on getting a new & similar pastel color like it, so it is temporarily unavailable. If you’d like to see samples of the current color (darker orange), send me an email with your request.

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